This is a letter to Amhai, who recently turned up on twitch.tv and donated over a 100,000 US dollars to various streamers.

 Good evening Amhai,

Please take a seat

Not even a month ago, you went out and paid out a couple of thousand to some WoW streamers for no absolute reason. You seem to like some of these streamers and got a hold of quite some money. Whether you're an arabian prince, a dubai-citizen who owns a couple of hotels, or just an oil-magnate. It doesn't matter how you get the money. It matters how and on who you spent it. 

Names are taken out for obvious reasons. Come on now,
 indian music for an arab? Really?

No one needs 10,000 for a haircut. No streamer needs 10,000 for a PC.  

Because of the recent donations that have been going out, people no longer start coming up with kickstarter-scam ideas, instead they are trying to figure out how to get some unique flavor to their stream to get some donations in. Be it showing some cleavage and sex-appeal, to a blatant "AMHAI PLEASE GIVE ME BILLIONS OF DOLLARS".  It is getting out of hand.

Amhai,  it seems you like World of Warcraft. But paying people to see them grind in a game isn't a well-thought-of idea. Put a team together to play LoL or WoW and pay them to reach the top of the ladders. You could probably even make money out of it. You can set up a small elite network with the amount of dollars you spent on the streamers. You don't even have to do anything, you can pay someone to do that for you and still reap some benefits. 

With a large amount of money, comes some responsibility. Can you spent out all the money you got on random things and random people? Of course. But the backlash it's turning out to have is getting out of hand.
It would have been better if it was done in private.

  Am I jealous I don't get paid for streaming a random game on the internet all day? Sure I am. It's a lazy bastard's dream. So, here

Go nuts. 


Razer "It's a tablet, It's a pc"

And RAZER is back with another gadget that will save PC gaming! This time it's a tablet...AND A PC!

Well ain't that just shit

Goddammit Razer, your shitty laptop hasn't even hit the stores yet and here you are announcing another blunder of the century.  All I really want to know is how much money Razer spends every year on R&D. Honestly.

God, it looks fucking hideous.
A 10,1" touchscreen flanked with 2 nunchuck-like controllers and an accelerometer. The device is powered by the new i7 ivy bridge, and that's probably all we know at the moment. Oh and that it's priced around the 1,000$ mark.

Except for the "gimmicky feel" any sane person would know why this would be a terrible, terrible purchase. 

Anyways, here we go:

  • It's heavy and ugly
It's meant to be a portable device. But according to various sources, the device is too heavy to hold it in front of you for an extended period of time. You can of course put it on your lap like most do with tablets to counter this, so it ain't that much big of a deal. Then again, to be seen playing this on your lap outside your home... (Implying it's possible to play for 10 minutes outside with the battery life it's gonna have.)

  • 12 buttons
The device is packed with 12 buttons and 2 sticks. It also promotes games like RIFT and the up and coming MMOFPS Firefall. Let me rephrase that; 12 buttons - MMO. Analog sticks - Online shooter versus Mouse players. Can't even explain how fucking retarded this is. You can plug your mouse and keyboard to this thing though. But then you'd be playing on a 10 inch screen like how a Razer employee does in this video but more on that below. 

Don't tell me that it doesn't look ridiculous.
  • Playing PC/Console games on a 10,1" screen
Now this is fine for portables like the new VITA, 3DS and the Ipad/Android Tablets. Games are specifically made for that resolution/screen-size. But to be playing PC games on a screen of 10 inches, that's just retarded. Imagine playing an FPS game like Counter-strike or Battlefield 3(if it can run it) on this. Apart from the whole analog stick fiasco, it's simply unplayable on a screen that small. Same holds true for most MMOs and other genres. It works for the other tablets because the games are made with the devices in mind. The fiona will run PC games. That's a big difference.

  • One-thousand Dollars
Price of a High-end gaming PC. Price of a pretty good laptop which would be a lot better at handling games than this device would. Price of a tablet plus a console and a 32" LCD TV
If this device would be priced just like the other tablets, it'd have a much bigger chance surviving. I simply don't see the point in dishing out that amount, for a device which hardware isn't upgradeable and would be obsolete within a year of it coming out. The next-generation consoles are about to get announced, the Ivy Bridge APU can't compare to the ATI 6670 that's supposed to be in the next-gen Xbox. And we won't have developers hold us back for this device.

Now don't get me wrong, Razer is the only company at the moment that's actually trying to innovate. And I appreciate them for that. But they don't have the talent for it. At least it's better than the laptop you're bringing out soon. Thank fuck for that. Cause that's really just shit.


Razer "We will save pc gaming with our one and only Gaming Laptop"

So months after publicizing that PC gaming is dead and that Razer will announce a way to bring light to the platform where piracy is imminent they announce a $2700 laptop.

Well ain't that just shit

Not even Dell (Alienware) is this greedy.
Now I can vouch for both the processor and GPU. They're both pretty good in terms of raw power for this generation's games. They will with no doubt run the latest games on at least medium settings in DX11.
All is fine when you hit that point, till you see the following:

8GB of 1333 MHz DDR3 memory
320GB 7200rpm Harddrive

For a $2700 laptop, I'd at least expect it to have some triple-channel DDR3-1600 kits and a SSD. And for fuck sake a DvD drive. Sure Steam is nice, but I'm one the last few people in the world who still likes to own physical boxes and CDs/DvDs

Heck, a Dell XPS17 has about the same raw power, a 3D screen, a bigger harddisk and a fucking blu-ray writer. for 1000$ cheaper.

And I absolutely despise Dell
Now the question I'd like to ask the guys over at Razer: Is the extra 10-buttons LCD panel which is on the RIGHT side of the keyboard worth a 1000 bucks? 


Why you ask? Well apart from the fact that I could buy a Logitech G13 for a small LCD screen and 25 macro keys for the price of $60 USD, the 1000$ USD worth LCD panel is placed on the RIGHT SIDE of the keyboard. If you read this far, and still don't know where I'm getting at, this might be a wonderful purchase for you. 
The main movement keys on the keyboard are the WASD keys. You wouldn't want to get your hands off of these keys when you're playing a FPS/MMO/RPG. Now your other hand is on your mouse, which is the exact same thing, you wouldn't wanna move your hand from your mouse, to your keyboard, to press a button which could have been macro-ed near your movement keys.  Especially during intense fights. Don't get me wrong, for RTS games this could work. But even then, remembering the keybindings would still be better. 

Now we get to the LCD Panel, WHAT RETARD WOULD WANT TO LOOK DOWN THEIR KEYBOARD TO SEE A MINI-MAP?!? It's on your fucking screen, goddammit. The time it takes you to look down your keyboard to see where your enemies are at, you've been fucking shot in the head.

So $2700 dollars for that? Kindly get the fuck off. Might as well try to please Apple and put OS X on it and see if you can get some faggots to buy your piece of shit laptop which is supposed to save PC gaming.

If I'd build a PC with about the same specs as the laptop, it'd probably cost me about $800 and $300 for the monitor. I could add an Ipad 2/BB Playbook or a Samsung 10.1 tab to it for some portable goodness, a 3DS and preorder a Vita for portable gaming, a PS3 AND a 360 with about 5 Full-price games for each platform. 

Now tell me what choice you'd make; a 2700 USD laptop with a 2" inch LCD panel on the keyboard or the list above for about the same price.

Razer. I like the DeathAdder mouse but kindly get your heads out of your asses and scrap this concept while you still can. It's retarded. Bring out a peripheral with the LCD panel and the macro keys for 100 bucks instead. That'll make everyone more happy. 'Cause this is just shit.