Razer "It's a tablet, It's a pc"

And RAZER is back with another gadget that will save PC gaming! This time it's a tablet...AND A PC!

Well ain't that just shit

Goddammit Razer, your shitty laptop hasn't even hit the stores yet and here you are announcing another blunder of the century.  All I really want to know is how much money Razer spends every year on R&D. Honestly.

God, it looks fucking hideous.
A 10,1" touchscreen flanked with 2 nunchuck-like controllers and an accelerometer. The device is powered by the new i7 ivy bridge, and that's probably all we know at the moment. Oh and that it's priced around the 1,000$ mark.

Except for the "gimmicky feel" any sane person would know why this would be a terrible, terrible purchase. 

Anyways, here we go:

  • It's heavy and ugly
It's meant to be a portable device. But according to various sources, the device is too heavy to hold it in front of you for an extended period of time. You can of course put it on your lap like most do with tablets to counter this, so it ain't that much big of a deal. Then again, to be seen playing this on your lap outside your home... (Implying it's possible to play for 10 minutes outside with the battery life it's gonna have.)

  • 12 buttons
The device is packed with 12 buttons and 2 sticks. It also promotes games like RIFT and the up and coming MMOFPS Firefall. Let me rephrase that; 12 buttons - MMO. Analog sticks - Online shooter versus Mouse players. Can't even explain how fucking retarded this is. You can plug your mouse and keyboard to this thing though. But then you'd be playing on a 10 inch screen like how a Razer employee does in this video but more on that below. 

Don't tell me that it doesn't look ridiculous.
  • Playing PC/Console games on a 10,1" screen
Now this is fine for portables like the new VITA, 3DS and the Ipad/Android Tablets. Games are specifically made for that resolution/screen-size. But to be playing PC games on a screen of 10 inches, that's just retarded. Imagine playing an FPS game like Counter-strike or Battlefield 3(if it can run it) on this. Apart from the whole analog stick fiasco, it's simply unplayable on a screen that small. Same holds true for most MMOs and other genres. It works for the other tablets because the games are made with the devices in mind. The fiona will run PC games. That's a big difference.

  • One-thousand Dollars
Price of a High-end gaming PC. Price of a pretty good laptop which would be a lot better at handling games than this device would. Price of a tablet plus a console and a 32" LCD TV
If this device would be priced just like the other tablets, it'd have a much bigger chance surviving. I simply don't see the point in dishing out that amount, for a device which hardware isn't upgradeable and would be obsolete within a year of it coming out. The next-generation consoles are about to get announced, the Ivy Bridge APU can't compare to the ATI 6670 that's supposed to be in the next-gen Xbox. And we won't have developers hold us back for this device.

Now don't get me wrong, Razer is the only company at the moment that's actually trying to innovate. And I appreciate them for that. But they don't have the talent for it. At least it's better than the laptop you're bringing out soon. Thank fuck for that. Cause that's really just shit.

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