Razer "We will save pc gaming with our one and only Gaming Laptop"

So months after publicizing that PC gaming is dead and that Razer will announce a way to bring light to the platform where piracy is imminent they announce a $2700 laptop.

Well ain't that just shit

Not even Dell (Alienware) is this greedy.
Now I can vouch for both the processor and GPU. They're both pretty good in terms of raw power for this generation's games. They will with no doubt run the latest games on at least medium settings in DX11.
All is fine when you hit that point, till you see the following:

8GB of 1333 MHz DDR3 memory
320GB 7200rpm Harddrive

For a $2700 laptop, I'd at least expect it to have some triple-channel DDR3-1600 kits and a SSD. And for fuck sake a DvD drive. Sure Steam is nice, but I'm one the last few people in the world who still likes to own physical boxes and CDs/DvDs

Heck, a Dell XPS17 has about the same raw power, a 3D screen, a bigger harddisk and a fucking blu-ray writer. for 1000$ cheaper.

And I absolutely despise Dell
Now the question I'd like to ask the guys over at Razer: Is the extra 10-buttons LCD panel which is on the RIGHT side of the keyboard worth a 1000 bucks? 


Why you ask? Well apart from the fact that I could buy a Logitech G13 for a small LCD screen and 25 macro keys for the price of $60 USD, the 1000$ USD worth LCD panel is placed on the RIGHT SIDE of the keyboard. If you read this far, and still don't know where I'm getting at, this might be a wonderful purchase for you. 
The main movement keys on the keyboard are the WASD keys. You wouldn't want to get your hands off of these keys when you're playing a FPS/MMO/RPG. Now your other hand is on your mouse, which is the exact same thing, you wouldn't wanna move your hand from your mouse, to your keyboard, to press a button which could have been macro-ed near your movement keys.  Especially during intense fights. Don't get me wrong, for RTS games this could work. But even then, remembering the keybindings would still be better. 

Now we get to the LCD Panel, WHAT RETARD WOULD WANT TO LOOK DOWN THEIR KEYBOARD TO SEE A MINI-MAP?!? It's on your fucking screen, goddammit. The time it takes you to look down your keyboard to see where your enemies are at, you've been fucking shot in the head.

So $2700 dollars for that? Kindly get the fuck off. Might as well try to please Apple and put OS X on it and see if you can get some faggots to buy your piece of shit laptop which is supposed to save PC gaming.

If I'd build a PC with about the same specs as the laptop, it'd probably cost me about $800 and $300 for the monitor. I could add an Ipad 2/BB Playbook or a Samsung 10.1 tab to it for some portable goodness, a 3DS and preorder a Vita for portable gaming, a PS3 AND a 360 with about 5 Full-price games for each platform. 

Now tell me what choice you'd make; a 2700 USD laptop with a 2" inch LCD panel on the keyboard or the list above for about the same price.

Razer. I like the DeathAdder mouse but kindly get your heads out of your asses and scrap this concept while you still can. It's retarded. Bring out a peripheral with the LCD panel and the macro keys for 100 bucks instead. That'll make everyone more happy. 'Cause this is just shit.


  1. Spot on bro, all my feelings conveyed right here in your post. No one in their right mind would buy a 2700 dollar laptop for gaming.

    BTW: Is this your new blog?

  2. You despise Dell? Something is clearly wrong with you.

  3. Wow. I got here from a Kotaku comment. I already was voicing about how overpriced this was, but I hadn't actually seen the specs for the Razor yet. This is laughable! Well said.

  4. @first Anon:
    Yes, I plan on updating this blog once every 3 days with news and subjects which I find "shit". Be it gaming, hardware and maybe even more.

    @second Anon:
    Things I experienced with the 2 Dell products I had:

    - Bad customer support
    - 3 delays before I got my system
    - recently trying to push MCaffee anti-virus on customers
    - Uses proprietery main parts so upgrading your pc is a hassle
    - The recovery CDs they send with the PC are terrible.

    Now don't get me wrong, Dell is one of the better PC suppliers around. If you find it impossible to build your own PC but still want to decide what parts go into your computer? Dell's the place to be at.

    But building your own PC is so easy at the moment, it's laughable not to. If you can browse the internet and watch a couple of youtube videos there'd be no reason not to build your own.

    Thanks :D

  5. word, everything said here is so true

  6. Building your pc is the best way to start :)

  7. I thought you knew what you were talking about, until the stupid RAM comment. No need to bash Razer for putting only the speed RAM that the processor can use.

  8. You clearly have no clue what it costs to build a laptop in a slim form factor. None of the laptop examples you posted even come close in size or weight. This laptop is less than 1" thick! Also DDR-1333 to DDR-1600 wouldn't even give you any noticeable difference in your system. Even DDR3-2133 is only a few percent faster.

  9. Well, I'm here a little late, but the Anandtech review I saw had an SSD, and 1600MHz memory (I think).

    Regardless, you pay for the form-factor.

    You want the thinnest cell phone? You pay big for it.

    You want the thinnest laptop? You pay big for it.

    You want the thinnest wife? You pay big for it. :)

    Anyway, as a frequent traveler, I'm quite interested in this laptop I must say. Right now I'm lugging-around an 18.4" monster, and I nearly got refused to bring it 'on-board' on a couple of flights.

    It's a boutique item, with a boutique price, and anyone who dares to explain 'I could build this desktop, with more performance for less', can't understand that some of us, CAN'T have desktop machines (as much as we'd love them).

    Other than the price, is it not a nice machine?